How To Set Multiple Home Pages In Google Chrome

If you are one of those internet junkies who want bunch of websites when you start the browser, you can set multiple home pages in your browser to save your precious time. Now, take a blogger as an example. Google Analytics, WordPress/Blogger, Adsense are some of the websites that blogger would like to visit first. So he/she can set multiple home pages in the browser. If you are just a casual internet user then websites like Gmail, Google, Youtube may be your first destination after starting the browser. So, you can set multiple home pages for these websites in your browser.Home

In this particular article, we’ll see how to set multiple home pages in Google Chrome. To set multiple home pages in Chrome follow these steps ->

Set Multiple Home Pages In Chrome

1.) Open Google Chrome and go to Settings.

set multiple home pages

2.) Now, after you have opened the settings move on to “ON Startup” and select “Open a specific page or set of pages”. Notice the phrase “set of pages”.  This means to set multiple home pages.

set multiple home pages

3.) After that a pop up box will open where you can specify your favorite websites to set them as your home pages.

home 3

4.) Click “OK” and you are done with this process.


So, now you know how to set multiple home pages in Chrome. One good thing about Chrome is that you don’t have to use any hot-shot extension for setting up multiple homepages. Here, I would like to mention a great Chrome extension called Start! for making your start page more productive.We’ll be covering this extension in our future article.In Mozilla Firefox you probably need an add-on for setting up multiple home pages ( or probably not, I haven’t really checked, I think there is a way around in Firefox also).

If you come across any cool extension related to start page of Chrome, please share with us in the comment section. Enjoy :)


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