Element 115, The Elusive Ununpentium Gets A Place In Periodic Table

In the year 2013, the periodic table got its newest addition and member. The addition, the element 115, has been named Ununpentium. Element 115 has been given the symbol Uup. The name has been derived from Greek word unum or “un” and pent which means “5″. Bet me, if the person who discovered element 115 was TONY STARK, then, the name would not have been so mundane !!!! . Why are we calling it element 115 ? Well, because it has atomic number 115. Scientists at Lund University, Sweden confirmed its existence in the year 2013.

element 115 ununpentium(Image Credits : Periodictable.com )

How Element 115 Was Made

For all the chemistry geeks out there, the electronic configuration of the newly found element is [Rn] 5f14 6d10 7s2 7p3. It is based on bismuth.So, here is how element 115 was obtained ->

  1. Here is some general knowledge for you all. You see, the heaviest element( in terms of atomic number) in periodic table is Uranium.
  2. But, elements having higher atomic number like the element 115 are obtained by artificial process. For example – fusion.
  3. Ununpentium was made by bombarding Calcium-48 ion on Americium film. This was achieved with the help of a cyclotron.
  4. Americium, which was used in obtaining element 115 Ununpentium, is itself obtained by bombarding neutrons on Uranium and Plutonium.
  5. With the help of advanced detectors, the X-Ray radiations were detected which were given by the element 115.


element 115 ununpentium(Image Credits – Wikimedia )

How It Will Affect You

Well, as of now, Ununpentium doesn’t affect your being for now. Why ? Well, because it lasts only for a fraction of a second. It decays very quickly because of its very unstable nature. But so what ? Every science discovery fruits after some time.

“This was a very successful experiment and is one of the most important in the field in recent years”, said Dirk Rudolph, Professor at the Division of Nuclear Physics at Lund University.

Element 115 was actually first observed in 2004 by Russian scientists in Russia. Researchers did their work at GSI research facility in Germany and confirmed the previous findings.

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