Customize The Color Of Folder Icons With Rainbow Folders For Windows

Don’t tell me you are not bored and fed up of those yellow colored folder icons of Windows :P . It sometime gets chaotic when there are too many folders. Then, there are times when you get confused in which folder you have kept your files ( if there are too many folders), so to give folder icons different color identity will be a nice idea to differentiate between the folder ( now you are thinking I am a retard :P ). Cutting the crap, in this article we’ll see a software called Rainbow Folders that will give different color to folder icons in Windows.

Change The Color Of Folder Icons

1.) Download the freeware from the link given at the end of this post.

2.) You’ll get a .zip file. Extract the file and run the installation setup.

3.) Once you have finished the installation process, you can either directly right-click the folder and select the option “Rainbow Folders” to run the program or run the program first and then select the folders.

folder icons

4.) Once the program has been started, you can select the folder of which the folder icon color is to be changed and tweak the settings. You can select the color by moving the slider in the Hue bar and set the saturation from saturation bar.

5.) To fill the folder icons with color use the “Colorize” option and if you want to remove the filled color use the “Decolorize” . If you want high contrast colors in your icons then select “High Contrast Icons”.

folder icons

6.) As stated earlier, giving folders different color identity by changing the color of the folder icons will help you find important folder quickly. In case, if you or somebody else accidentally selects the delete option then Rainbow Folders will warn you before deleting the colored folder. You just have to select the option “Warn me When deleting”.


As you have read,throughout my article I have rambled how good this software is , but, there are also some drawbacks. Now, when you increase the size of the folder icons to Extra Large and Large the software doesn’t work perfectly as it does when the icons are set to Tiles and other sizes. That said, it is still a great software to bring pleasantry in to the dull page of program folders.

Download Rainbow Folders from this link.

If you have any other software suggestion to change color of folder icons or have any other query about Rainbow Folders please share with us in the comment section. Enjoy :) .

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