4 Best Screenshot Software To Capture Your Screen

Unless and until you have just bought your computer and figuring out how to make it work, I can bet you have used this key —-> “Prst Scr SysRq” ( as printed on my keyboard :P ). Yes !!, you’re right, to take screenshots. But, this is a very rudimentary way to take screenshot and it captures whole screen. So, if you want to take partial screenshots or annotate  then it is a problem. If you are a blogger and making some tutorial then annotation in one of the necessity. Even if you are not a blogger and just want to take screenshot and send it to a friend to analyze then partial screenshot is necessary.So for eliminating these drawbacks one obvious solution that comes to mind is to use screenshot software.

Screenshot software allows you to customize your screenshots as per you will. Whether you want partial screenshot or full or annotate them with text and shapes, you can do it.But which one to choose ? Here is a list of 4 best screenshot software according to The Common Man to help you get out of the dilemma.

1.) Skitch

screenshot software

While searching for  best screenshot software on the web, I was surprised that most of the reviewers did not add this amazing screenshot software in their list. Skitch is a product of team Evernote ( jugular vein of my online life :P ). Skitch allows you to take and edit screenshots. Full and partial screenshot both can be captured. The editor allows you to crop, resize and annotate your screenshot. You can put different shapes, arrows, stamp and text in different colors. You can also blur a particular area to hide it. All in all, simply the best according to us.

2.) Greenshot

screenshot software

Greenshot is a product of Sourceforge.net tem ( bet me, you have one SourceForge software installed on your comp :P ).  What makes Greenshot one of the best screenshot software is its simplicity. It basically alters the function of Print Screen key (as you can see in the above screenshot). You can capture full screen or a particular region and can even capture complete scrolling (probably the only screenshot software having this feature). The built-in image editor of this screenshot software has almost all the features you need. May it be annotation, putting text, drawing shapes or filling color.

3.) Awesome Screenshot:Capture and Annotate

screenshot software

Well, this is not actually a screenshot software, but, it is a browser extension or add-on ( whatever you wanna call it). It has a Chrome version, a Firefox version and one for Safari. It lets you take screenshot of webpages while surfing. It has all the functions of a full-fledged software like annotation with text, shapes and arrows, crop and blur (to hide sensitive information). The only thing is that it does all these things in browser only. Handy if you don’t want to run a screenshot software separately every time you feel like capturing web screen.

4.) Screenshot Captor

screenshot software

The final on the list of our best screenshot software is Screenshot Captor. A bit complex than the above three but still one of the best. I don’t want to sound like a broken record and ramble about all the important features again and again :P. It has the all features which other 3 screenshot software have in the list. But, it has some extra features also. It has a watermarking feature which other screenshot software lack and scroll capturing has been also added in the new version.


So, this was a relatively short list of best screenshot software. No doubt there are many other good tools for screen capturing. But, according to our experience these programs were simple, short and great in terms of user experience.

If you have any other suggestions of screenshot software or have queries about the listed above, please share with us in the comment section. Enjoy :) .

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  1. mouser

    Hi Chandramouli!

    Just wanted to say thank you for mentioning Screenshot Captor. I’m the author of it and it’s always nice to read that people find it useful. If you have any feature requests don’t hesitate to post them on our forum.

    -jesse (mouser)

    • Chandramouli Dixit

      Hey Jesse, Thanks for dropping by. Will surely ping you back on the forum…and yeah a great software….goes without saying I guess :)


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